"Beyond assisting in service intensity placement decisions, these instruments (LOCUS and CALOCUS) can be used by systems to fill service gaps or to aid in planning programs projecting resource needs. The instruments can guide in treatment and recovery planning and help to ensure the use of least restrictive service alternatives, for example, Olmstead compliance. " - Wesley E. Sowers, M.D.
  Medical Director
  Allegheny County Office of
  Behavioral Health



Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) is a level of care assessment tool being widely used by behavioral health managers and clinicians throughout the country to support accurate level of care recommendations.

There is also a child and adolescent version called CALOCUS.

LOCUS and CALOCUS were developed by members of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP) and transformed into electronic versions by Deerfield Solutions.

These tools assess the current clinical needs of the individual to establish the intensity of services found along the continuum of care.

Deerfield Solutions is the exclusive software developer of the LOCUS and CALOCUS instruments for the AACP. Deerfield Solutions provides two electronic versions of these instruments- Service Manager and Reporter.

Service Manager is used to maintain patient assessment histories for ongoing as well as initial level of care assignment throughout the treatment and recovery process. Reporter is for use in small organizations to insure accurate scoring and level of care recommendations.

Service Manager and Reporter are designed to be used in a Mental Health, Substance Abuse or Coexisting treatment environment adults, children, and adolescents.