Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren


Clinical Affiliations


Working closely with direct clinical service providers, physician practices, as well as employer and patient programs, enables Deerfield Solutions to continue its leadership in:

  • software development and consulting services for customers, and
  • program enhancements and partnership opportunities for its members.

The following are independent organizations that interact closely with Deerfield Solutions:

Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren, LLC
A group medical practice of psychiatrists who provide services for behavioral health patients on a contract basis through diverse clients such as hospitals and social service agencies throughout northwestern Pennsylvania and southeastern New York. Psychiatric inpatient services are also provided through Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren at Warren General Hospital.

Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren Detoxification Program
A medical detoxification program for chemically dependent individuals as the first stage of the recovery process. In partnership with Warren General Hospital, the program serves northwestern Pa., and southwestern New York.

Deerfield Centers for Addiction Treatment
Freestanding facilities providing treating of patients with substance abuse problems on an inpatient basis, with medical treatment provided by psychiatrists from Deerfield Behavioral Health of Warren.

Deerfield Dual Diagnosis Program
A residential treatment program in Erie, PA, designed to help persons with combined diagnoses of mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Deerfield Dual Diagnosis is located at 2610 German Street, Erie PA.  Call (814) 878-2100 for more information.

New Opportunities EAP
An Employee Assistance Program offered in partnership with Stairways Behavioral Health to employers to provide counseling and related services to company employees.

Presque Isle Psychiatric Associates
A group practice of psychiatrists that is managed by Deerfield.