About Deerfield Solutions


Deerfield is the brand name for a very unique group of human services organizations and range of services that are regionally and nationally recognized.
Deerfield is a membership organization of hospitals, social service agencies, and treatment centers that perform and promote best practices in behavioral health management, treatment, level of care assessment, education, and product development throughout the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York tri-state region.


Deerfield is the exclusive provider of LOCUS level-of-care software. LOCUS is a registered trademark of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP).
Deerfield is the exclusive provider of software for LOCUS and CALOCUS, AACP physician-developed level of care management tools used for adults and children, as well as the related M-POWER software designed for Service Plan development by clinicians.These products are in use by dozens of state governments and hundreds of organizations nationwide.


Deerfield provides a wide range of consulting services, educational programs to behavioral health staff members, and speakers to share expertise on various topics impacting health care today.